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A Secret to Souping Up Your Resolutions

Mark O'Connor, jazz violinist
It’s that time of year when many of us find our New Year’s resolutions have become tarnished. One of the best ways to recharge resolutions or other change efforts is called “utilization” in the psychotherapy world. First, you identify the aspect of yourself that you most want to reject or fight, and find a way to “utilize” (that is, to harness) it’s energy. The late hypnotherapist, Dr. Milton Erickson, is famous for doing this.

Speaking of Aging and Empowerment

Viola Smith, 100 year old drummer
While I'm on the subject, here is a really inspiring website that shares success stories and advice on aging and doing what you love.


They have a lot of bloggers and great images.

This is recovery? Gorgeous Women and Handsome Hunks!

I got a lesson about recovery from trauma, and about self-esteem from an unexpected place, recently. I did the photo processing and touch-ups (and layout) for one of those fundraising calendars where ladies and men pose tastefully semi-nude (like the recent firemen’s calendar for animal fundraising that hit the news, or in the movie Calendar Girls). In addition to my counseling work, I take on various media projects, and this was one of them.

Good Resource about EMDR

There is more and more research and knowledge about trauma and EMDR. This group, the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Project, has a good article with video and other links. It's a little more dense than fluffy outlets like Psychology Today--which is part of why it's good.

I do my best to explain EMDR and other mental health topics when folks send questions or I meet people during presentations or other situations. One of my concerns is that there is a lot of misinformation online. So, if you read up on EMDR, pay careful attention to how knowledgeable the writer is!


Super-Friendly Empaths: Williams Syndrome

You don't have to have Williams Syndrome to be a friendly empath, but it sure can help! I'm taking a behavioral genetics course and this delightful video really got everyone talking--and getting misty! Yes, it might make you teary.

Where Everybody Wants to Be Your Friend, a YouTube vid from ABC News.


Veterans Miss War? Many do--and this has Implications for Healing

Image: Seeking meaning
I'm thinking about veteran's mental health issues--especially in light of concerns about VA delays and neglect here in the States, and in light of disastrous meltdowns that many vets are experiencing.

This Ted talk looks at an important piece of the puzzle: Returning from war and the incredible bonding and meaning that can occur in the field.

Why veterans miss war by Sebastian Junger

A Deeper Look at Deportations from the U.S.

This article goes into some very interesting things about the deportation problem. Most of us know that there has been a huge number of deportations under Obama. But why? In related articles, it is pointed out that the only Dems voting against immigration reform happen to have very large numbers of people in private prisons. Guess who's helping them get elected?

Then there's the idea that too many immigrants eventually becoming able to vote would swing things too far toward the left. And there's the effect of deportation on employment numbers. I'm sure there are more theories.

Who Says You're Mindless? The "Out-Group."

Diversity Intolerance Image
Researchers have come up with some really clever ways to plumb the unconscious. Recently, they explored the way we dehumanize our fellow primates that happen to reside on the other end of the political spectrum. Of course, this was an American study, because here our equivalent of the gladiators and Colosseum are people we think are brilliant pundits vs. idiots on television. Here, polarization is the sport and vituperation is our bread and circus.

Antidepressants: More Bad News

I'm not an anti-pharmaceutical person, but we need to know the risks of antidepressants. Someday, I hope people will be able to look back upon the psychotropic drugs of today as we do the Dark Ages. But for now, we have to consider some really negative things about these meds. We already know that the drug companies have been very manipulative. They have affected researchers and doctors in scandalous ways, and some very noteworthy examples have made it into the press and led to serious fines as well.


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