Super-Friendly Empaths: Williams Syndrome

You don't have to have Williams Syndrome to be a friendly empath, but it sure can help! I'm taking a behavioral genetics course and this delightful video really got everyone talking--and getting misty! Yes, it might make you teary.

Where Everybody Wants to Be Your Friend, a YouTube vid from ABC News.

Some folks with the syndrome are intelligent, but, on average, they are just barely in the range of developmental disability, which is an IQ of 70--but their verbal and social abilities are far above what you would expect for that level. They lack about 25 genes, and this causes a lot of health issues, but the most obvious thing is that they have a “cocktail party personality.” Even from a young age, they display a level of empathy that is off the charts. Williams syndrome occurs in about one of 7,500 births and about six percent of persons with developmental disabilities.

If you want to know more, there is an association called , and informational pages such as this Wikipedia entry.