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This program is not longer taking place, but there are links to the shows for posterity.

Rosarito News in English with Robert Yourell
CNR TV (Currently on Cablemas)
English language, local news and video from Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. Additional clips are posted on the CNR YouTube page. To find English-language posts, try searching on "news." They post many of their news shows, which are normally in Spanish, without subtitles.

2012 Broadcast

Jan. 10
Plans for police protection: New depots. Interview: Magdaleno Vasquez Luis, Director, Public Safety Dept.

From Migrants to Rosarito: What is the effect of money from migrants in the U.S. on the local economy? It's the second largest source of foreign exchange after oil exports. So why are migrants neglected when they are deported back to Mexico? Is the amount of money increasing or decreasing?

Amnesty and other programs for tax debtors. Interview: Manuel Zermeño, City Treasurer.

Progress on the city hall elevator.

Disabilities in Mexico: Progress and challenges.

Marine poaching. Interview: Carlos Fernandez, Secretary of State Fisheries and Aquculture

Rights of the elderly: New law includes more financial support.

Celene group and support for children of women with breast cancer. Interview: Francisco Sandoval, representative, Celene Group

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CNR TV Rosarito:

CNR 54 Rosarito (Cablemas) Normally broadcasts in Spanish, except for this show.
CNR 54 YouTube page (Spanish language, except for these news shows.)

About Rosarito News in English
Helpful information and insights tied to recent news.Half hour weekly news broadcast of news in or affecting Rosarito (in Baja California, Mexico). It is for the English-speaking community, so I usually expand on one or two stories to provide helpful information or to give greater insight into the story. Clips available online are posted. This is not "breaking news," because the material is selected for longer-lasting interest. Did you know? Mexico requires Spanish subtitles for non-Spanish broadcasts.
Who is the Announcer
Robert A. Yourell: I did this on the side in order to get more involved in the local community and develop my language skills. My real job is as a counselor, and I also work with media, developing recordings, courses, and books. My home page is at