A Deeper Look at Deportations from the U.S.

This article goes into some very interesting things about the deportation problem. Most of us know that there has been a huge number of deportations under Obama. But why? In related articles, it is pointed out that the only Dems voting against immigration reform happen to have very large numbers of people in private prisons. Guess who's helping them get elected?

Then there's the idea that too many immigrants eventually becoming able to vote would swing things too far toward the left. And there's the effect of deportation on employment numbers. I'm sure there are more theories.

But this article provides a better understanding of the types of deportations (removals and returns). The harsher form (removals) has dramatically increased as a percentage of deportations. The number of them has multiplied by a factor of nearly ten in recent years (since 2008). This explains the level of concern, and why people say the immigration system is broken.

Another way to look at it has to do with how many people with deep roots in America are deported--and how many families are torn apart. (Does this make you think of certain politicians that make a big deal about being family friendly?) There is plenty more good informatio, and links to source data.