Veterans Miss War? Many do--and this has Implications for Healing

Image: Seeking meaning
I'm thinking about veteran's mental health issues--especially in light of concerns about VA delays and neglect here in the States, and in light of disastrous meltdowns that many vets are experiencing.

This Ted talk looks at an important piece of the puzzle: Returning from war and the incredible bonding and meaning that can occur in the field.

Why veterans miss war by Sebastian Junger

"Civilians don’t miss war. But soldiers often do. Journalist Sebastian Junger shares his experience embedded with American soldiers at Restrepo, an outpost in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley that saw heavy combat. Giving a look at the "altered state of mind" that comes with war, he shows how combat gives soldiers an intense experience of connection. In the end, could it actually be "the opposite of war" that soldiers miss?"